Monday, March 30, 2009


**SIGH** I went and stopped by Demi's place tonight. I definitely want to say CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL!!

But, I think I am rather envious. To be able to not work, to dress up when you want, to spend time with those you love; Seems like a far away dream for me.

Having an ex to support, aging parents to care for and a special someone that I want to be with more than anything necessitates Money.

Money Equals Job.

Job equals ten to twelve hour days alone.

And no time with my sweetheart...which means no time relaxing. Because I can only be Sharon when I am with Jay.

I'm not asking for sympathy at all. I am SO GLAD for Demi! And I am grateful for Jay...because as little as a year ago, I didn't even have THAT chance to escape. Some of our adventures were only fantasy until I met Jay. I'd never dreamed I would actually, REALLY go out; much less in a crowd in a backless dress. Or stay at a hotel with Jay, have dinner, listen to jazz in a nightclub...

Hmmm, come to think of it, I guess I'm not so envious after all. Lovin' you, Baby!

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