Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hiyiyi heels!

Was just checking in with some of my friends and read this post byMisty mentioning walking in high heels.
WOW, do I know where you are comin' from, girl!?!
I consider myself to be in fairly good shape as I have a very physical "male" job (ok, except for the little gut) but it never fails to amaze me how painful heels can get after just an hour or two.
Jay found this fabulous little shop in a nearby city. Second hand store, really. But they are VERY T.V. friendly. In fact, when the proprietor found out what Jay was looking for (and decided that she was "for real") she called into the back and out came a very handsome TV. Older lady, had her own hair grown long. But she proceeded to give Jay "the TV tour" of the place. Corsets, wigs, dresses galore! And the HOTTEST pair of four-inch black and red just my size. One of the straps was damaged so Jay got them for a song...and of course, I fixed that strap right up in no time flat.
THEN...I tried the things on! I've never been in heels that high. Darn near got a nose bleed. And came very close to snapping my ankle a time or two. But it was an experience. I've been practicing.

And Jay says they make my legs look VERY hawt!

I think she's biased...just a little.

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