Monday, May 4, 2009

This week is a BIG one for me

Talk about a week of firsts for me!

Shh don't tell Jay...she didn't want me to share. But I am just so excited, I can't help myself.

I get to be out for TEN days. NO JOKE! Ten days straight.

Thursday...I've volunteered to help Jay. She is a college student and in a communications class. They have to do a speech on something that is important to them. And she picked ME! So she's done a powerpoint presentation on how she used to feel about transgenders and homosexuals vs how she feels about them now because she took the time to be open-minded and accepting of the possibilities. I was so proud of her...I suggested she take me as a visual aid. I've even told her I would take questions at the end of her speech.

Needless to say, I'm scared out of my wits. But I know she will be right there by me the entire time holding my hand. I've never been to a college class before. Heck, I dropped out of high school and got my GED. And this was my idea...she didn't ask me to do it. In fact, I think she was surprised when I offered. AND I think she is proud of me.

That is worth it all.

Friday we are having a "spa day". She got a friend who is going to beauty school to come over and do the pedicure, manicure, waxing, facial and all that foo-foo stuff. Yep...I'm getting a full-face wax. Jay warned me it will be uncomfortable. We've gone and had our eyebrows done so I got a little taste of it. Maybe we'll have to go out and pick up a fifth the night before! LOL

Friday afternoon we are going out to a schnazzy restaurant. Jay bought me a cute little suit with a navy pleated skirt and a green jacket with navy polkadots. I think she secretly wants to wear it herself! It is so cool to wear the same size.

Saturday, Jay and I are having a very special day. Jay has organized a commitment ceremony. She will be promising to love and honor me and NEVER to make me go away like everyone else has. We've written the vows...she made me a fantastic dress...her best man is her closest friend who is VERY gay. Unity candle, veil, clergy...the whole nine yards. Cake and finger-food reception afterwards. She is spoiling me ROTTEN! And I love every minute of it.

Next week, we are going to the Esprit Conference in Port Angeles Washington. It will be the first time I have been around others who are like me and I can't wait! We have hotel reservations and conference tickets on hold through a generous scholarship. Jay has arranged this entire thing and I am so grateful to her for loving me this much. No one has EVER wanted to even HEAR about me, much less be around me...sometimes not even my "other side". Many times, he has just wanted me to go away.

But now...All three of us are so much in love. This is going to be the adventure of a lifetime!

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